May 13, 2003


Yaoi RPG is officially complete. Navigression, experience, levelling and combat have all been implemented. Watch out for the admins picking on the newbies. Some of them have big guns.

BlueBoo out.

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May 08, 2003

Hello YaoiRPG World!

Well, the large part of the game is done. You just can't talk to each other or kill each other. In other words, a perfect world.

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April 22, 2003


All the pages now, include the moveable type, frames, and everything is now xhtml 1.1 and css validated

oh crap.. have to test the descriptions pages.

Okay, now they are all done.. I need to be notified if any are found. But i think i'm safe.

Most of the problems was not adding a /> to the end of tags, and javascript

Now to work on load times and game engine.

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Using Movable Type Here

Assuming we want to keep this up as a full time game. I figured i might want to start working on lessaning the load on the servers.

Using movable type serving static pages, the server should have a bit less work todo per news page, besides, i really like the interface.

Since i've already configured it for my own site, i really might as well.

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